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This article will introduce how to develop ESP-CAM board with Platform IO.

Create a new project, choose board Al Thinker esp32cam.

esp32cam introduction

esp32cam is developed by AI thinker, while ESP-EYE is developed by Espressif itself.

Microcontroller esp32cam
Frequency 240MHz
Flash 4MB

ESP32-CAM board is without a UART to serial converter, you need to buy one, and there is a coverter board. So suggest you to by this one.

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Streaming Video from ESP32-CAM

Get the code from

Copy CameraWebServer.ino content to main.c file, and create and copy other files containt to \src folder.

  • Uncomment line #define CAMERA_MODEL_AI_THINKER // Has PSRAM

  • Delete #if 0 in file main.c and app_httpd.cpp.

  • Modify wifi name and password

build and upload project to ESP-CAM.

Run the code and open the serial monitor in your PlatformIO. Notice to press the Reset button to start the application

ESP32-CAM running on PlatformIO. WebServerCam URL to stream video

Now you can start streaming video from the ESP32-CAM. Open your browswer and copy the URL shown in the previous image:

ESP32-CAM video streaming settings

image classification

  • Initializing the ESP32-CAM

  • Acquiring picture

  • send picture to cloud machine learning platform

  • get the feedback

#include <base64.h>

void classifyImage() {

  // Capture picture
   camera_fb_t * fb = NULL;
   fb = esp_camera_fb_get(); //captures image

   if(!fb) {
    Serial.println("Camera capture failed");

  size_t size = fb->len;
  String buffer = base64::encode((uint8_t *) fb->buf, fb->len); //encode in base64 the image

String payload = "{\"inputs\": [{ \"data\": {\"image\": {\"base64\": \"" + buffer + "\"}}}]}";

  buffer = "";
  // Uncomment this if you want to show the payload
  // Serial.println(payload);


  // Generic model
  String model_id = "aaa03c23b3724a16a56b629203edc62c";

  HTTPClient http;
  http.begin("" + model_id + "/outputs");
  http.addHeader("Content-Type", "application/json");     
  http.addHeader("Authorization", "Key your_key"); 
  int response_code = http.POST(payload);

use tensorflow.js