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Github Desktop 设置代理

第一种方式编辑 .gitconfig 文件

To directly add a proxy to Github Desktop without using git shell:

  1. Set up/Sign in to your account in Github Desktop(This won't be a problem, proxy only doesn't allow you to Add, create or clone repo)
  2. Close Github Desktop for the time being(to set up proxy).
  3. Go to C:\Users\@yourusername.
  4. There you will find a file named .gitconfig
  5. Open it with any text editor(I have used sublime text 3) and add

[http] proxy = http://username:password@your.proxy.address:8080

and save.

  1. Now you can add, create and clone repos in Github Desktop.

第二种方式通过git 命令修改

安装github desktop,会同时安装git,路径如下



git config --global http.proxy proxy_address:proxy_port git config --global https.proxy proxy_address:proxy_port