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Flotherm 快捷键

Project Manager Shortcut Keys

Key Function
F1 Online Help
F3 Top
F4 Reset Tree
F5 Up to Parent
F6 Expand All
F7 Toggle Project Attributes/Library
F9 Cursor in Select mode
F12 Hide selected items
Shift+F12 Reveal selected items
Backspace Cut/Delete
Up arrow Select previous sibling
Down arrow Select next sibling
Left arrow Select parent
Right arrow Select first child
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+F Find
Ctrl+Shift+F Flush Attributes
I Show/Hide Summary
L Localize Grid (for one selected object)
Ctrl+L Load Project
Ctrl+N New Project
Ctrl+R Run a FloSCRIPT file
Ctrl+S Save Project
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+X Cut/Delete
Ctrl+Y Redo
Ctrl+Z Undo
+ Expand Node
- Collapse Node

Drawing Board Shortcut Keys

To Display Press
View/Hide Spatial Solution or Snap Grid, dependent on the Snap Toggle setting. G
Move selected object(s) to the nearest snap grid line or nearest object, dependent on the Snap Toggle setting. Alt+cursor arrows
Resized Views (Refit) R
The currently selected object (View Selected) V
3D Isometric View Shift+I
2D View from Positive X Direction X
2D View from Positive Y Direction Y
2D View from Positive Z Direction Z
2D View from Negative X Direction Shift+X
2D View from Negative Y Direction Shift+Y
2D View from Negative Z Direction Shift+Z
First Angle Projection F
Third Angle Projection T
To exit Drawing Board Create mode Esc

Visual Editor Graphics Mode Shortcut Keys

Key Function
F1 Launch the online help.
F12 Hide the selected items
Shift+F12 Reveal the selected items.
Ctrl+O Load state.
Ctrl+Q Exit the Visual Editor.
Ctrl+S Save.
Ctrl+X Delete.
Ctrl+Y Redo.
Ctrl+Z Undo.
Mouse Mode
Esc Toggle the mouse mode between Annotate, Select and Manipulate.
F9 Toggle the mouse mode between Select and Manipulate.
S Show solid with edges rendering.
W Show wireframe rendering.
Changing the View
Shift+G Align the geometry with gravity and center in the view.
I Show the isometric view.
L Level with gravity. Note this may move the geometry out of the field of view, use Shift+G or R to center on the geometry.
R Refit the view, that is, center the view on the whole geometry.
V Center the view on the currently selected geometry.
X Show the view from the +X direction.
Shift+X Show the view from the -X direction.
Y Show the view from the +Y direction.
Shift+Y Show the view from the -Y direction.
Z Show the view from the +Z direction.
Shift+Z Show the view from the -Z direction.
Controlling Animation
P Stop the animation.
< Play the animation backwards.
> Play the animation forwards.


Shortcut keys to menu options. The underlined characters in the menu command name.

To display a dropdown menu from the standard menu bar, press Alt+ the first letter of the menu title.

To display a dialog box or execute a command from a dropdown menu, type the underlined character.

For example, to open the Edit menu and select the User Preferences option, type the sequence Alt+E then R.


Menu option underlines do not appear when you open menus with the mouse.

Commonly-used options have shortcut keys. These are typically Ctrl+ sequences and function keys.